server implementation of the internet gopher protocol
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deppa (出っ歯), jap. "bucktooth"
is a server implementation of the gopher protocol.
it is very lightweight and can handle a lot of traffic on low-end hardware (1-4MiB RAM Usage, almost no CPU time!).

you can even run it on a Raspberry Pi Zero and it can handle a TON of traffic, although you should consider more powerful hardware when serving more than ~12k concurrent active users.

it converts markdown files in a directory to gopher responses on-the-fly.

.md will be served as directory listings, .txt will be served as plaintext (NOTE: please use DOS line endings, deppa will not convert anything!).
trailing slash is interpreted as directory listing and generated on-the-fly (or index.ext, if present).
gobj files should be executable, if they are, they will be executed and their output will be sent to the client (use format "text file" because deppa will not add any types to the output. if your program does tho, you can use any type you want to)
gm files are just plain old gophermap files.